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Web Management Unit (WMU)

Head, WMU

Mal. Auwal Adamu Gene

Head of Unit (WMU), IAIICT


The unit is responsible for the design, development, deployment and management of websites for the University. The Unit works with the Web Management Team (WMT) of the University, which comprise representatives of stakeholders for continuous update of platform and contents. WMT provides Website Governance, which includes policies and resource mobilization.

Functions of Web Management Unit (WMU)

  • Coordinate periodic meetings with WMT;
  • Develop website policy for the University;
  • Design and develop websites for the University;
  • Ensure regular updates of the website contents;
  • Identify resources needed for effective management of the University website
  • Provide technical and user training to members of staff;
  • Provide hosting services for all websites owned by the University;
  • Identify and create domains and subdomains;
  • Work with relevant units of the University in the management of Social Media platforms owned by the University;
  • Work with the Legal Unit to ensure that contents are within Law;
  • Integrate the website(s) with relevant portals owned by the University;
  • Perform periodic web analytics, user experience analysis and website remodeling;
WMU Organogram